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Bahay Kubo Atbp Seeds Package


Bahay Kubo Seeds Atbp. 24 vegetable seeds combo, perfect for home garden and food security.

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Bahay Kubo Atbp

Vegetables & Herbs

Our Bahay Kubo Atbp Seed Pack is composed of 30 seed packs of the vegetables that we sing in the ever famous Filipino Children’s song “Bahay Kubo” and more. “Bahay kubo kahit munti, ang halaman doon ay sari-sari…”  We want to make the song meaningful and impart to our children the spirit and enthusiasm of gardening by planting and growing these vegetables in our backyard

Seeds in the pack:

1. Singkamas
2. Talong
3. Sigarilyas
4. Sitaw
5. Bataw
6. Patola

7.  Upo
8.  Kalabasa
9.  Labanos
10. Mustasa
11. Sibuyas
12. Kamatis

13. Kangkong
14. Pechay
15. Litsugas
16. Karot
17. Okra
18. Sili Labuyo

19. Sili Pangsigang
20. Abitsuwela
21. Ampalaya
22. Pipino
23. Chives
24. Marigold

25. Mani
27. Kundol
28. Bawang
29. Luya
30. Linga

Bahay Kubo Atbp Seeds Package