Thrive Organics Barley Grass Herbs Grow Kit


Welcome to the world of home gardening with the Thrive Organics Barley Grass Herbs Grow Kit! This all-in-one kit is your passport to cultivating your very own organic barley grass.

Each kit is a treasure chest of gardening essentials:

  • A bag of our “Best Nutrient” Natural Organic Soil, the perfect base for your barley grass to thrive.
  • A Seed Pack filled with high-quality barley grass seeds, ready to grow into lush, green sprouts.
  • Our Natural Fertilizer, a granulated seaweed extract that provides essential nutrients to your plants.
  • A Foliar Fertilizer, a humus mineral powder that ensures your barley grass grows strong and healthy.
  • An Easy Steps Guide that simplifies the planting process, making it easy and fun.
  • A Planting Pot that provides a comfortable home for your sprouts.

With the Thrive Organics Barley Grass Herbs Grow Kit, you’re just a few steps away from fresh, home-grown barley grass. Start your gardening journey today!

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Perfect for:

Your Corporate Giveaway this Yuletide Season
Your Families and Friends to receive this meaningful and novelty gift
During this season of the COVID-19 Pandemic, to grow multiple herbs and microgreens
A good start for your Urban Farming Experience

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Thrive Organics Barley Grass Herbs Grow Kit