Thrive Organics Carbonized Rice Hull 5 Liters


• Made from incomplete or partial burning of rice hull.
• Contains Phosphorous (P), Potassium (K), Calcium (Ca), Magnesium (Mg), and micronutrients vital to growing crops.
• Makes the clay soil porous because of its loose composition
• Improves soil structure by increasing water-holding capacity, aeration and hydraulic conductivity, reduced tensile strength of hard-setting soils, and stimulating growth activity.
• Harbors good bacteria, serves as houses for microorganisms.
• Good potting media for seed sowing and seedling propagation.

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• For soil amendment: Mix 60:40 (soil to CRH) ratio.
• For sterilization on potted plants: Put CRH first about 1-2 inches, then potted soil mix in the pot.
• For composting: Add to compost pile to harbor different beneficial micro-organisms, that aid in decomposition.
• For mulching: Mix with rice hull, mulching on top of potted plants.

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Thrive Organics Carbonized Rice Hull 5 Liters