Thrive Organics Sage Herbs Grow Kit


Experience the joy of home gardening with the Thrive Organics Sage Herbs Grow Kit! This comprehensive kit is your gateway to cultivating your very own organic sage.

Inside each kit, you’ll discover:

  • A bag of our “Best Nutrient” Natural Organic Soil, providing the ideal environment for your sage seeds to flourish.
  • A Seed Pack filled with the promise of fresh, aromatic sage.
  • Our Natural Fertilizer, a granulated seaweed extract that enriches your soil and boosts plant growth.
  • A Foliar Fertilizer, a humus mineral powder that fortifies your sage plants, promoting robust health.
  • An Easy Steps Guide that makes planting and care simple and enjoyable.
  • A Planting Pot that offers the perfect home for your budding sage plants.

With the Thrive Organics Sage Herbs Grow Kit, you’re just a few steps away from fresh, home-grown sage. Embark on your gardening adventure today!

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Perfect for:

Your Families and Friends to receive this meaningful and novelty gift
This season  grow multiple herbs and microgreens
A good start for your Urban Farming Experience


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Thrive Organics Sage Herbs Grow Kit