Thrive LalaFix – Nutrient Organic Soil – Soil Conditioner 40kg



LALAFIX is bio-engineered compost as a soil conditioner blended with organic matter and that is a rich source of macro (N,P,K) and micronutrients.  These nutrients are needed by plants, crops, and trees to grow, thrive, and give better yields.  LALAFIX has a good amount of organic matter and carbon to condition the soil and give whatever nutrient is lacking in the soil.

LALAFIX is blended with our proprietary nutrient solution to make sure that the nutrients needed by the plants are consistent.  It is also infused with beneficial micro-organism that helps in breaking down these essential nutrients that can be absorbed by the plants and help condition the soil to more sustainable farming.

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Benefits of using LALAFIX
– Rejuvenate the soil and its fertility by supplying the needed nutrients known as “soil rejuvenation”
– Provides food for thousands of microorganisms that help decompose the organic materials and release essential nutrients into the soil. Soil bacteria also helps the plants to take up nutrients from the soil easily.
– Strengthening the roots of your plants ensures healthy growth and development, enhances the conductive system of the plant and adds more years to its life
– Increases the water-holding ability of sandy soils
– Increase disease resistance in the plants against fungal and viral diseases
– Enhance fertilizer efficacy in the soil

– 20 to 30 sacks of LALAFIX per hectare depending on the crop to be planted and the condition of the soil based on the result of our qualitative soil testing.

– 10 – 20 sacks of LALAFIX per hectare on the succeeding application based again on the qualitative soil testing

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